• "Using PTF to pay our tax for us enabled us to divert those funds into business investment and capex which was our priority. We paid PTF for the tax later and the interest rate charged by PTF was significantly less than the IRD's rate so we saved on that too. PTF made it all very easy and straightforward and we would use PTF again at the drop of a hat" - Shona Devescovi, CFO, The Mill Liquor.
  • "We are a giftware chain and for Redcurrent every dollar we pay on tax is a dollar less we can put into stock – and we make a lot more out of stock than we do from paying tax! However just prior to the peak Christmas sales period we are required to pay a third of our annual tax. We wanted to buy more stock but we couldn’t do that and pay the tax bill. PTF provided the solution – they paid the tax for us and we invested in more stock, which boosted sales. So we maximized sales and kept the IRD happy" - Rebecca McHardy, CEO, Redcurrent.
  • "Clients have used PTF's Tax Finance product and have found it an efficient and convenient way to pay tax." Staples Rodway. Chartered Accountants.