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Why Tax Finance?

Finance Your Provisional Tax With PTF Tax Finance. Great rates-from 2.9%. Credit approval guaranteed, no approval fees, no security required, no need to disclose sensitive financial information and no complicated application forms.

Takes only minutes to arrange, right here online or over the phone. Great for businesses with seasonal cash flows or tight working capital.

Use Tax Finance if you have Provisional Tax to pay and you:
  • Would rather use your resources for other things, or
  • Don't have money to pay right now; or
  • Want to reduce your borrowing costs
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How Does it Work?

Organising Tax Finance is very simple. Before your tax payment is due, you simply tell us:
  • The amount you'd like to finance,
  • The date your provisional tax is due; and
  • When you would rather make your tax payment.
This can be done online in just a few minutes, or you can call us and we can do it over the phone. There’s no financially sensitive information you need to disclose.

We pay the tax on your due date and Perpetual Trust (New Zealands’ oldest Trustee company) holds it aside for you in our account with Inland Revenue. It is transferred to your account at the IRD when you pay Perpetual Trust on your preferred date. The effective date of transfer to your IRD account will be your original tax due date, so you stay square with the IRD.

Click here to get a quote/apply or phone us on Auckland 950 3515.
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What do I Pay?

We borrow to pay your tax and in doing so incur interest. The amount we charge you is called a Finance Charge which reflects this cost. The Finance Charge is payable by you, upfront (i.e. before the date your provisional tax is due).

Then you simply pay the Tax Amount on your preferred date (e.g. in six months time). There is nothing else to pay.

We understand that provisional your tax payments are based on estimates about future earnings. If your tax liability turns out to be less than the amount of tax you financed, you only need to pay PTF for the tax you actually need.

Get a quote or apply by clicking here.
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How Can PTF Offer This Service?

Provisional Tax Finance Limited is able to offer this service because it has been approved by the IRD to act as a Provisional Tax Intermediary under the Tax Pooling regime. If you would like more information on this regime or would like to verify our IRD approval, please call us. PTF was approved by the IRD in 2007 and has been financing provisional tax ever since. We are not a tax refund company.

Our Tax Finance facilities are similar to Hire Purchase or Lay-by forms of finance: legal ownership of the asset (in this case tax) is transferred to you when you have paid for it. Please note, that the tax will not appear in your account with the IRD until you have paid for it (it will be held in PTF's Tax Pool account with the IRD pending payment by you).

You are not obliged to pay us the Tax Amount on the maturity date of your Tax Finance Facility, but if you don’t, no tax will be transferred to your account at the IRD.
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Why is it So Cost Effective?

We are often asked how we are able to provide such low cost business finance with no credit approval process. It almost sounds too good to be true. There are two reasons we are able to do this:

First, we effectively use the tax as security. This means if you do not pay the Tax Amount when due, the trustee will not transfer it to your IRD account and PTF will keep it. Accordingly, PTF will not be out of pocket and will not chase you for the Tax Amount.

With every other form of finance including mortgages, business loans and credit cards, the rates charged include a component to cover the cost caused by few people who don’t meet their obligations. That means good customers have to subsidise bad customers. That's not the case with Tax Finance-we don’t need to impose a loss premium on our customers, and that saves you money.

The second reason we are able to offer such great value for money is that we keep operating costs down by only taking payment twice during the financed period-once at the beginning (the Finance Charge) and once at the end (the Tax Amount). This is the case regardless of what period you finance for. We don’t charge interest every month like most loans. We are able to pass those operational cost savings on to you.
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Why Do Businesses Finance Their Provisional Tax?

Click here to see the reasons some of our clients use Tax Finance.
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What Sort of Businesses Finance Their Provisional Tax?

PTF has financed provisional tax for a whole spectrum of businesses from sole traders to household names and publicly listed companies. No business is too big or small to use Tax Finance.
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Is It Secure?

Provisional Tax Finance Limited is financed through bank funding-unlike most finance companies we do not rely on deposits from the public. For your added protection, all payments made by you are made directly to Perpetual Trust (not us) who act as independent trustee. We never have access to your money.
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Where will I find More Information and How Can I Apply

See what our clients are saying for more information on the benefits of Tax Finance, or get a quote/apply through our Tax Finance Calculator. If you would like to speak to someone about Tax Finance then please call or email us.
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